Soviet propaganda: red dresses

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The second one, wonderfully, says ‘Down with kitchen slavery!’ Happy International Working Women’s day.


From Adorned in dreams

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Anthropological discussion of dress tends to blur the distinctions between adornment, clothing and fashion, but it is interesting because when we look at fashion through¬†anthropological¬†spectacles we can see that it is closely related to magic and ritual. Many societies have used forms of adornment and dress to put the individual into a special relationship with the spirits or the seasons in the enactment of fertility or food-gathering rites, for war or celebration. The progression from ritual to religion, then to secular seriousness and finally to hedonism seems to have been common to theatre, music and dance — the performing arts — and dress, itself a kind of performance, would have seemed to follow this trajectory from sacred to secular. Fashion, too, contains the ghost of a faint, collective memory of the magical properties that adornment once had.

From Adorned in dreams by Elizabeth Wilson, p. 56 (2003 edn.)

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