Modernism in Stratford E15

01/03/2012 § 1 Comment

That is the Stratford ziggurat, which until it was demolished in 1998 housed council offices next door to my secondary school. Isn’t it amazing? I have been looking for a photo of this for years, but yesterday discovered the Newham Story website, which is full of fascinating bits and bobs of Newham history.  Here’s Stratford Bus station as it looked when I was growing up; here’s Stratford Broadway during the General Strike; and here’s a report on the 20th anniversary of the Victorian housing development I grew up on. Street names of Forest Gate! I could read random bits for hours, possibly days. There are photo archives, including one related to shipbuilding and the docks, a reminder of how recently Newham had flourishing industry right on its doorstep.

The building above was replaced by this, by the way. Isn’t that utterly depressing?



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  • heronbone says:

    i was driving myself mad trying to find a picture of this, like my mate said its like it never existed. we used to play in the car parks all round here as a kid

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